The ACUPWR Papers

ACUPWR…Perfectly Imperfect

Some customers have asked us why their ACUPWR transformers arrive looking shopworn or used. Scratches in the paint appear on occasion due to our use of an air-dry process rather than drying the paint in a stove. Nonetheless, every ACUPWR transformer/converter we ship is entirely brand new.

The appearance of our transformers brings up the issue of aesthetics; compared to most of our competition, ACUPWR transformers appear “industrial” as the package is the actual transformer. it’s a contrast with other models on the market that are housed in black metal boxes with voltage meters, switches, LEDs, multiple receptacles, fuse holders, and gadgetry that seems like its meant to impress more than anything else. (The various fuse holders are necessary because those models use fuses as circuit breakers.) 

There’s nothing wrong with housing a voltage transformer/converter in a box; it makes a somewhat heavy device easier to move around while protecting it, and ACUPWR has plans to introduce a few models in metal boxes in the near future. Still, we won’t be using voltage meters (they’re unnecessary) and all of our models don’t require fuses because they use thermal protection to protect from overloading: ACUPWR voltage transformers automatically shut down when overheated, and they’ll never catch on fire.

Fact is, when you buy an ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter you’re getting a solid, no frills, no BS product that’s made in the USA with the best build quality and materials around. What you see is what you get, and that’s the safest, most reliable voltage transformer available.  

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