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A Word About our Warranty (And Using Non-ACUPWR Global Surge Protectors with ACUPWR Transformers)

ACUPWR products are built to last for a lifetime. This is not only true of our voltage transformers and converters, but it extends to our plug adapters, voltage stabilizers, and global surge protectors. Still, we can’t say the same about the quality of our competition. And with regard to global surge protectors specifically, they’re often cheaply made with sub-par surge protection components. Further, many people use inferior surge protectors to distribute 220-240-volt electricity while the unit is designed for only 110-120 volts.


ACUPWR’s AS6WWK Global Surge Protector is designed to handle 100 to 240 volts and 50 or 60 Hz. Moreover, it features such as as angled universal inputs and up to 720 joules of surge suppression while shielding equipment from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference).


It's because of the quality issue of other global surge protectors that ACUPWR strongly recommends using only the ACUPWR AS6WWK global surge protector with our voltage transformers. Using any other global surge protector brand with an ACUPWR transformer/converter absolves ACUPWR from any responsibility should damage occur to any device or appliance connected to a non-ACUPWR-brand global surge protector. It also voids the transformer warranty if it is damaged as the result of a non-ACUPWR-brand global surge protector.


Remember, ACUPWR offers the safest and most reliable voltage conversion, stabilization, and surge protection products available, with the best warranty you can find. Use them safely!

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