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ACUPWR Introduces the AS series 127-130 Volts to 220-230 Volts Transformers

Let’s turn our sights to Brazil, a gorgeous nation with it’s share of challenges—some calamitously big, others relatively minimal. Toward the latter side is an inconsistent voltage standard that can seemingly be 127-130 volts on one side of the street and 220-240 volts on the other. At the very least, this erratic voltage standard varies from city to city, and region to region.   


This is a particular reason why ACUPWR is introducing its new AS-EUD series 127-130 to 220-240-volt (and vice-versa) transformers. Available beginning July 27, they’re perfectly suited for those living in Brazil and who move throughout that country with electronics and appliances built for 127-130 or 220-240-volt AC power. Of course, the AS-EUD series extends beyond Brazil and provides an excellent means of bridging the international voltage gap between 127-130 volts and nearly two-thirds of the world’s remaining countries, all of which use the 220-240 volt standard. This voltage conversion should also appeal to anybody from Portugal vacationing or relocating to Brazil, as the countries share the same language.


Another challenge for Brazil is unsteady, unstable voltage, the result complicated situations having to do with hydroelectric power, infrastructure, load demands, and energy shortages in the country’s Summer months—the result of increased energy consumption by high-energy appliances, particularly air conditioners. For this reason ACUPWR’s VS series voltage stabilizers, for use with 220-240-volt AC, deliver steady and constant 220-240-volt AC and 750 joules of surge suppression. They’re an absolute necessity for using sensitive electronics and appliances in Brazil.


ACUPWR’s AS-EUD series are available in 500-watt/VA (AS-500EUD), 750-watt/VA (AS-750EUD), 1000-watt (AS-1000EUD), 1500-watt (AS-1500EUD), and 1800-watt (AS-1800EUD) models.

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