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Introducing the ACUPWR AJ-EUD Series: Japan Gets Bigger!

The world is a big but shrinking place and Japan is but a single country among 194 others. It’s also the lone wolf when it comes to international voltage, being the only country in the world that uses 100 volts as its standard. Two-thirds of the world, meanwhile, uses AC voltage set to 220-240.


The fact is, many great appliances and electronics are built for Japan’s 100-volt standard and of course 220-240 volts. Among Japan’s offerings are kitchen equipment and some great bread makers, particularly the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 which has garnered a following among bread heads across the globe. Many manufacturers of high-end appliances don’t make available 100-volt, Japan-market versions of their products.


For this particular voltage conversion niche, ACUPWR is proud to introduce our step up/step down AJ-EUD models. Rated for 500-watt (AJ-500EUD), 1000-watt (AJ-1000EUD), and 1500-watt (AJ-1500EUD) loads, this series more than ably bridges the electrical gulf between 220-240 and 100-volt countries.


The AJ-EUD models come equipped with an IEC-C13 input power cord receptacle that can be used with a matching C-14 cord and any plug shape (because there are more than a dozen distinct plug types used throughout the world), and a NEMA 5-15R power output receptacle. Of course, expect the same great ACUPWR safety features such as thermal protection and No 2x The Wattage: our transformers can work more that 20-percent beyond their stated wattage unlike our competition.


The new AJ-EUD models are in stock and available, and they continue the ACUPWR mission of providing Safe. Power. Everywhere. 








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