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ACUPWR and Vitamix: A Voltage Cornucopia Made in Food Heaven

You bought an American-made Vitamix blender because you’re serious about whole food nutrition and eating healthy. And if you’ve invested in a Vitamix product over a lower-priced competitor, you’ve also invested in your overall well being and longevity—definitely money well spent.  


Not surprising, you’ll find Vitamix machines used the world over. Foodies, followers of the health and fitness lifestyle, restaurateurs, commercial enterprises or ordinary individuals—whomever you are and whatever you do, Vitamix products are sought after for multitude reasons that have everything to do with made-in-USA quality and reputation, and all the great attributes of Vitamix.


It’s needless to say that Vitamix products are sought after here and internationally. But with regard to the latter, they’re considerably more expensive in places such as Europe and Asia than in the USA. To save a few money, Vitamix fans overseas often purchase a unit from a USA reseller for use in their home country—certainly a viable option. Nonetheless, it’s an option that will require a good, dependable, high-quality step down voltage transformer to convert the Vitamix’s 110-120-volt AC requirement to the 220-240-volt AC that exists in Europe, Asia, and nearly two-thirds of the world.


Enter ACUPWR. Our renowned, American-made international voltage transformers are the perfect conduit for using a 110-120-volt Vitamix blender or food preparation machine in countries with 220-240-volt AC. For example, Vitamix’s popular Professional Series 750 draws about 1500 watts/volt amps at full power. Thus, ACUPWR’s AD-1500 step-down transformer will convert 220-240-volt AC to the 110-120-volt AC required by the Vitamix. Et voilà.


It’s also great to know that the excellent, high-power AMETEK Lamb motors used in Vitamix products are equally at home with 50 Hz and 60 Hz AC, so there’s no worry about its motor turning too fast with the 50 Hz AC used in Europe, and ultimately burning out.


So go ahead and use your Vitamix anywhere in the world, anytime you want.  anyplace in the world. And trust ACUPWR to keep you safely connected and healthy!
  • ACUPWR says...

    To answer your question, you would need a 1500w step down transformer, and would need to select the proper plug type for your country. With the 1500w transformer is more than enough to power a Vitamix Blender. The transformer also comes with a lifetime warranty and its made in the USA.

    If you need more help you are free to contact us here at ACUPWR, we are here to help.

    On November 08, 2019

  • Sara says...

    I am interested in buying a Vitamix 5200, on, so I would like to get some info about wich transformer I should buy, since I live in Serbia(Europe). Please send me some info about this poduct (transformer 110v to 220v).
    Thank you

    On November 08, 2019

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