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ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ Power = No Two-Times (2x) the Wattage!

The reason ACUPWR voltage transformers kick you-know-what over our competition has everything to do with the overload protection circuit in nearly all of our transformers. This circuit which uses a thermal protection sensor to determine overheating (caused by voltage surge or excessive wattage) and then shut the unit off until it cools down, whereupon it will automatically restart and function as if nothing happened. Because of our thermal protection sensor, an ACUPWR transformer will function normally at 20-percent beyond its stated wattage. At 50-percent beyond stated wattage, an ACUPWR transformer will work for about an hour before auto shutdown takes place. One thing you can never expect from ACUPWR transformers is a fire. That’s because our transformer products will function reliably at, and beyond, their stated wattage/volt amp load capability, and deliver their true stated wattage. We call this Tru-Watts™ capability.


Still, shouldn’t it be the case that if a product says its rated for 1000 watts, then it should deliver at 1000 watts? Why is a term like Tru-Watts™ even necessary? It’s because most of ACUPWR’s competition are voltage transformers built in Asia with cheap components and workmanship. Because of this corner cutting, Asian-made transformers are notorious for breaking down and even catching on fire before with loads that are well below the stated wattage. So even if that Asian-made transformer is listed on Amazon as being capable of handling 1000-watt/volt amp loads, and the transformer has a model number like “STU-1000” or “VC-500” that’s supposed to correspond with their supposed wattage capability, you might be playing with fire—literally.


So, the Asian-manufactured transformers do not deliver the goods at their stated wattage. To get around this problem, their manufacturers suggest buying a transformer with a wattage capability that is “at least three times the item’s [wattage] capacity” in order to accommodate inrush (or rush) voltage and any danger or overload from the attached load overwhelming the cheap, poor-quality components and thus blowing up said transformer. With an ACUPWR Tru-Watts™ transformer using thermal protection circuitry, there’s no worry of the transformer blowing.


In the end, Tru-Watts™ means real, genuine, usable wattage capability at the stated wattage and beyond. It’s what makes an ACUPWR transformer the safest, most reliable, and truest voltage transformer available.

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