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Read This If You’re Relocating Internationally with a Refrigerator, Freezer, Wine Cooler, Washer/Dryer and Any Appliance with a High-Power Motor. Then, Buy an ACUPWR AUC or ADC Transformer!

If you’re relocating overseas with an appliance that uses a high-power motor, READ THIS FIRST!


Items such as refrigerators, freezers, large wine coolers, washers, dryers, and big air conditioners, to name a few examples, rely on larger high-power motors to get the job done. Nonetheless, those kinds of appliances won’t work efficiently by only converting voltage with a basic step-up or step-down transformer from ACUPWR. This is because high-power motors are affected by the AC line frequency—an often overlooked player when it comes to household electricity.


We’ve blogged about line frequency in the past and to recap here, line frequency is the number of cycles per second electricity alternates between positive and negative polarity as it moves from its source (the power plant) and throughout your home. In most 110-120-volt countries, the AC moves at 60 Hertz (abbreviated as Hz and the unit of measurement for cycles per second). When 220-240 volts are the voltage standard (as is the case in two-thirds of the world’s countries), AC frequency is nearly always 50 Hz. As it relates to high-power motors, they have to be used at the proper voltage and AC frequency they’re rated for. Proper voltage is a no-brainer, but proper AC frequency is imperative as well because frequency affects the torque, or power, of the motor. A 50 Hz motor will turn too slowly when used with 60 Hz electricity. Conversely, a 60 Hz motor will operate to fast with 50 Hz electricity. With either situation, your refrigerator won’t work efficiently and its motor will definitely burn out within a month.


For this kind of situation, ACUPWR has the perfect solution! Our AUC and ADC series are unique to the needs of anybody using a high-power motor in a country with different voltage and AC frequency than the motor requires, so the torque will be just right and the motor will never burn out. Of course, this means that your appliances will work happily and there won’t be any spoiled food. The AUC series are step-up transformers that convert 110-120 volts to 220-240 volts, while the ADCs, step-down transformers, convert 220-240 volts to 110-120 volts. Unique to both models is our proprietary solution for solving the voltage and—particularly—the AC frequency requirements of high-power motors.


Trust ACUPWR for voltage conversions on all of your high-power-motorized appliances and for Safe. Power. Everywhere.

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