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ACUPWR visits NJ Met Labs

ACUPWR recently invited New Jersey Micro Electronic Testing labs in Clifton, New Jersey to put our AUD-500 transformer on their bench and see how it measures in terms of specs and overall performance. At the same time, we compared the AUD-500 with a comparable Asian-made “black box” model that retails for next to nothing. Both transformers are step up/step down types that convert 110-120-volt AC to 220-240-volt AC, and both have a maximum stated wattage capability of 500 watts/volt amps. How do they compare?


Well, NJMET bench tested both model’s performance at 100, 125, and 150 percent of the stated wattage. So we’re talking wattage loads of 500, 625, and 750 watts/volt amps. In the coming weeks we’ll divulge the numbers, but at this point we’ll just say that a true victor emerged. And there was smoke…lots of smoke.


As we like to say here at ACUPWR, in the end you get what you pay for, and the red transformer is worth every red penny. Trust ACUPWR for Safe. Power. Everywhere.

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