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Lead Me to Your Wires - ACUPWR Introduces Lead Wire Option

It’s good to keep all options open, even with voltage transformers. That said, ACUPWR is happy to announce that our entire transformer product line is available with 12” lead wires (and bare tips) for incoming and outgoing AC, instead of a power cord and output receptacle. The lead wire option allows our transformers, regardless of size, to interface directly with a circuit breaker, junction box, and an appliance. Of course, opting for lead wires over conventional plug/power cord and output receptacle is a viable solution for converting voltage for an appliance or electrical device with lead wire inputs.


ACUPWR voltage transformers are available in lead wire versions for a $39.99 upcharge on our website and also via telephone orders. Additionally, we offer knockout box housing on select transformer models—please inquire. Lead wire orders require 2 weeks between order placement and shipment.

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