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The Perfect Product for the Techy Globe-Trotter: The Global Surge Protector

When we say “Global” in Global Surge Protector, we mean it. Doesn’t matter what plug types, or combination of plug types, you want powered, the global surge protector can take it.

Want an American Type B plug type appliance running next to an Italian Type L?
Go for it.

The ACUPWR Global Surge Protector’s 6 universal plugs can take any standard appliance plug type from the world…and will protect each and every one of your electronics for up to 750 joules too! Choose the Global Kit model and you’ll be able to use the surge protector from anywhere in the world! Or take the standard model with just the cord that you need for your home country.

Whether you own a business that needs a worldwide range of appliances, are constantly relocating to new countries for government or business work, are have simply picked up a wide range of different appliances from around the world in your travels, you can be sure you can trust to use each and every one of those appliances with an ACUPWR surge protector.

 Just make sure to use the proper voltage transformer or converter if your country’s voltage does not match that of the appliance you want to use! For more information on that, go check out our guide for choosing a transformer.

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