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Quality saves you MONEY – Why ACUPWR transformers are always the better deal

If you are budget-conscious, the higher initial price of ACUPWR transformers might point your attention to the direction of cheaper options. Well, then I’m happy to tell you that over the course of time, ACUPWR is actually the more economical choice!


Well, there’s two words to consider: power consumption.

ACUPWR transformers are designed and manufactured to work safely and extremely efficiently – our units use a negligible amount of power when nothing is plugged in and, when in use, convert voltage for your precious appliances in the most competent way possible. 

Those cheap transformers? They weren’t designed with your safety, electrical bill, or power efficiency in mind. They use a very real amount of electricity when idle and, because of cheap, rushed engineering, tend to convert voltage in a notably unproductive way. Power consumption is an important factor to consider when calculating the price of a voltage transformer. If you are not careful with your choice, you may very well end up paying a lot more in the long run for a unit made from cheaper materials and design.

That’s not even mentioning the cost it takes to replace those cheap black box units. And you might be replacing them a lot, as they are known to break down, and sometimes even explode, even when used within their supposed wattage capacity.

And remember, only ACUPWR has True-Watts, our promise to you that the transformer that you get is good up to the wattage level that it says on the box. Those other companies? Their units are so unreliable, they can’t themselves trust it to work up to their stated wattage. They’ll try and convince you to go buy a unit with up to twice the wattage capacity of what your appliances actually need. With an ACUPWR unit you only have to pay up to the wattage capacity that you need!

Here are some other advantages that ACUPWR transformers have that make them the top choice for your wallet:

  • Peace of mind that your appliances and property are protected. Our units are outfitted with high-quality components like copper wiring and thermal protection circuitry to ensure that our units will never catch fire or damage your appliances.
  • A lifetime warranty. We guarantee you that our transformers will last a lifetime, so you never have to pay for a replacement! Those cheap transformers certainly can’t promise you their unit will not break down on you.
  • $10,000 damage protection. If anything does happen to go wrong, and trust us, this is a spectacular rarity, we will cover up to $10,000 of appliance damage caused by a properly used ACUPWR voltage transformer unit.
  • 24/7 customer service and technical support. We are committed to each and every unit that we make. Wherever you are, whatever time you need us, we are prepared to answer any questions or issues you may have about using our units.
When it comes to quality, safety, and cost efficiency, ACUPWR is always the top choice.

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