The ACUPWR Papers

International Kitchens and ACUPWR

Kitchens, whether they’re commercial or domestic, professional or amateur, seen on TV or not seen on TV…they’re often populated with food prep appliances that don’t seem like they were bought at the local Sears. Actually, either by necessity or choice, gourmand’s use imported kitchen appliances. Examples include the famous Zonjirishi rice maker, and the Japanese market only Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread maker, or the electric Takoyaki machine for making those delicious Japanese pie pancakes


Everybody needs to eat, and kitchen appliances around he world cater to local cuisines and recipes. But when local cuisines go international—such as when a certain ethnic restaurant pops up in a faraway urban metropolis—that equipment often shows up in the kitchen. And of course the caveat here is voltage; Japanese-market items require 100 volts. Appliances for use in Mexico and regions in Brazil often require 127-volt power.


The ideal work-around for using exotic, imported kitchen gadgets that require an “overseas” voltage standard—whether it’s 100, 110-120, 127, or 220-240 volts—is an ACUPWR voltage transformer. They’re world renowned for safety features such as fuseless thermal protection technology and the ability to work safely at 20% beyond the stated wattage. Plus, a lifetime warranty and $10,000 in damage protection make us the best choice for your international kitchen.

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