The ACUPWR Papers

ACUPWR: More Than Transformers

ACUPWR is renowned for making the safest and most reliable international voltage transformers available, but we hardly stop there…

Power distribution products are our specialty, and they’re superbly manufactured with the same dedication to safety and reliability that informs our transformers. ACUPWR’s continuously expanding line includes…

  • Global Surge Protectors designed for international use and capable of handling 100-240-volt AC and up to 750 joules (13,000 amps) of energy protection. Six universal outlets accommodate nearly all international plug shapes. They’re the perfect safeguard against voltage spikes and surges. Our AS6WWK model comes with a universal plug kit that enables specific plug types to attach to a 4’ power cord. (The AS6WWK is also available without the plug kit and can be ordered with the particular plug type you require.)
  • Plug Adapters and Connectors that bring compatibility between the world’s nearly 15 different domestic electricity plugs and receptacles. Examples include Type B to Type F (Schuko) adapters (and vice versa), all plug types to Type F (Schuko), and many others. [Remember that plug adapters, alone, do not covert voltages as required for using appliances and electronics overseas. For this we recommend an ACUPWR voltage transformer.]
  • Voltage Stabilizers and Line Conditioners that keep voltage steady when it might be fluctuating in the power grid (a phenomenon typical in many developing countries). Our stabilizers also filter out electro-magnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), and other impurities that create audible noise and distortion along with inefficient power. Available for use with 110-127-volt AC up to 2400-watt loads and 220-240-volt AC up to 2000-watt loads.
  • Power Inverter for converting 12-volt DC power to either 110-120 volts or 220-240 volts. Perfect for car travel, camping, and other situations. Features a universal power output, two USB outputs, and an input via a standard car lighter.
  • Power Cables including 3- and 4-wire dryer cables for 30-amp, 125-250-volt power, and IEC C13-compatible power cords available with Type F, Type G, Type I, Type M, Type J, Type D, Type H, Type L, Type K, and Type B plugs.

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