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Military PCS and ACUPWR

Military families know only too well that pulling up the stakes and moving every few years is par-for-the-course. But moving overseas for a PCS (permanent change of station) requires some logistical preparation. Knowing that the electricity likely has a different voltage standard in most foreign countries, along with the understanding that your American appliances (rated for 110-120 volts of AC power) cannot simply plug into the wall socket in Germany (which has a 220-240-volt standard) without getting ruined, leaves you considering whether to leave your electrical appliances and gadgets back home—even things that might be sentimental (such as that stand mixer you got as a wedding preset).


Of course, if you’re reading this you know that a voltage transformer will bring compatibility between your electrical possessions and the overseas voltages. And you likely know of the inherent dangers of cheap, Chinese-made transformers. There’s no room for cutting corners by going cheap; spend a little bit more on an ACUPWR Tru-WattÔ transformer and you’ll get the safest, most energy efficient, and most reliable not to mention long-lasting voltage conversion product on the market. Features like our thermal protection sensor keep you safe and protected from over-wattage and voltage surges while also providing a safety net if you have to exceed the transformer’s stated wattage.


For military families bringing their things overseas, it’s not just a patriotic thing to buy an American-made ACUPWR transformer; it’s also a guarantee that you’ll be safe and protected with the kind of quality that only a solidly built American product delivers. Trust ACUPWR for safe power, everywhere.

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