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Using 100-Volt Roland Music Equipment Outside of Japan

What happens when you find an old, analog synthesizer at a yard sale for a steal of a price and you get it home only to find that it takes 100 volts of AC and your wall outlet is delivering 120? Cue the “wah wah” trombones?


Not quite. Older Music equipment manufactured by Japanese companies (such as Roland, Yamaha, and Korg) for sale in Japan always have a power requirement of 100 volts, since the AC power over there is 100 volts. [Note that these older keyboards do not use an external power supply that can handle 100-250-volt AC power, as is the case with most newer electronic devices.] Does this mean you’re plum out of luck trying to use that old Roland Jupiter 8 in the UK or the USA?


Some misinformed folk will tell you it’s fine to use a device requiring 100 volts in the US and Canada where line voltage is often 125 volts. That’s incorrect; despite a relatively small 20- to 25-volt difference, the 100-volt device might work at first but the overvoltage will lead to burned out parts within a few months.


ACUPWR’s step up and step down voltage transformers are used by musicians and backline companies throughout the world. ACUPWR’s AJD series step-down transformers convert 110-120 volts down to 100 volts, and our AJ-EUD step down/step up transformers will step down the voltage from 220-240 volts to 100.


Remember that electrical products and electronics should always be powered at the voltage as stated on them. Trust ACUPWR for safe power conversion!

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